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KipOTG | Kip on the Ground

20:30 EST 08:30 PM Tuesday & Thursday | Saturday 15:30 EST 03:30 PM

Kip provides tutorials on Tuesday & Thursday and a group flight on Saturday, however, we (Kip’s followers) typically fly along with him on Tuesday & Thursday as well. He is very knowledgeable, even though he is not a real pilot, and in my opinion provides a very entertaining & enjoyable experience each time we fly together. Exclusively in MSFS, Microsoft Flight Simulator, Kip does cross country flights of the USA and the latest flights have included bush flights in Papua New Guinea & scenic flights over the Caribbean.

I thoroughly enjoy flying along with Kip & Friends and look forward to seeing you there!

~ Jonathan Lulich

Join us for the Live Stream at and in the Discord channel and check out some awesome addons for MSFS at


VirtualFlight.Online also has group flights. Visit VirtualFlight.Online for more information.