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Cirrus Vision Jet SF50

Cirrus Vision Jet SF50

The Cirrus Vision SF50, also known as the Vision Jet, is a single-engine very light jet designed and produced by Cirrus Aircraft of Duluth, Minnesota, United States. After receiving deposits starting in 2006, Cirrus unveiled an aircraft mock-up on 28 June 2007 and a prototype on 26 June 2008.

  • Unit cost: 1,960,000–1,960,000 USD (2013)
  • Range: 1,266 mi
  • Top speed: 345 mph
  • Weight: 3,706 lbs
  • Engine type: Williams FJ33
  • Number of seats: 6
  • Cruise speed: 345 mph

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Cirrus Vision Ownership Overview

The Cirrus Vision is a unique aircraft in the very light jet market, and people notice the second they lay eyes on it. Operated on a single engine and a V-tail, this aircraft is designed unlike any other. Buyers drawn to the idea of operating a jet that’s a first of its class will centralize their focus when they find a Cirrus Vision for sale.

Cirrus Vision Cabin Experience

The Cirrus Vision is capable of transporting 4 people and 1 crew member, as since it’s a very light jet, it can be operated by a sole pilot. The fuselage is about 30ft long and the cabin is 12ft. The wingspan reaches further than that of the fuselage to nearly 40ft. This aircraft offers a typical amount of passengers an upgraded, comfortable, and extended-range ride compared to that of its competition.

Total cabin space is 170 cubic feet, allowing for a width of 5ft and a height of 4ft. The entry door is 4ft high and baggage is allotted 25 cubic feet of space through an external compartment.

Cirrus Vision Mission Profile

Customers who buy a Cirrus Vision are focused on shorter hops between destinations, carrying a smaller amount of passengers, and often flown by the owner themselves. This aircraft took a long time to produce and through that, Cirrus was able to spend ample time improving and fine-tuning the jet towards the customers awaiting the arrival, nearly 600 once deliveries actually began.

This jet is popular among buyers as it’s extremely cheap when compared to competitors, thus opening an outlet to many as it’s dubbed an “affordable” private jet. An added aspect the Cirrus Vision brings to the table is it’s parachute capability, a system called CAPS, that Cirrus is known so well for. Buyers looking for an enhanced safety system will find just that with the Cirrus Vision.

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Cirrus Vision Cost to Own

Acquisition cost for the Cirrus Vision typically ranges from $1.9-$2.0 million, more than $1 million more than competitor Eclipse 500. When factoring in market depreciation to total annual cost, the Cirrus Vision will cost a buyer roughly $770,000 per year compared to the Eclipse 500 which will cost a buyer $828,000-$830,000.

Cirrus Vision Operating Cost

Cirrus Vision direct operating cost is around $700 per flight hour, about $300 less than that of its competitor. Annual fixed cost for the Cirrus Vision  falls between $177,000-$179,000, roughly $30,000 less than the Eclipse.

Cirrus Vision Performance Overview

The Cirrus Vision is a bestseller for a reason- its unique design and low price point draws in many, and causes them to stay once they witness the class Cirrus brings to the table. Buyers looking into aircraft for sale will be wowed by this very light jet which they can operate themselves.

Cirrus Vision Engine

The Cirrus Vision houses a single Williams FJ33-5A engine, a feature which decreases the operating cost. The Cirrus Vision has a max cruise speed of 300kts, significantly slower than the Eclipse 500 which has a max cruise of typically 370kts.

The aircraft can land and takeoff in the following field lengths:

  • FAR-91: 3,014ft
  • FAR-135: 3,768ft
  • FAR-121: 5,024ft

Cirrus Vision Payload

Max payload for the Cirrus Vision is 1,200lbs, 100lbs-150lbs more than that of the competition.

Cirrus Vision Range

At long-range cruise, the Cirrus Vision  has a range of 1,200nm carrying a typical passenger load. The Eclipse 500 can only reach half of that distance under similar parameters.

Cirrus Vision Specifications

Aircraft ClassVery Light Jet
Aircraft ManufacturerCirrus Design
Aircraft Year of Manufacture2016 – Present
Acquisition Cost$1,764,000 – $2,156,000
Variable Cost$640 – $782/hr
Annual Cost$571,524 – $698,530
Fixed Cost$17,814 – $160,324
Market Depreciation$130,000
Retail Charter Rate$1,700/hr
Average Charter Net$1,239/hr
Fuel Burn70 gal/hr
Max Cruise300 kts
135 Landing3,768 ft
135 Takeoff3,768 ft
91 Landing3,014 ft
91 Takeoff3,014 ft
121 Landing5,024 ft
121 Takeoff5,024 ft
Max Payload1,200 lbs
Basic Operating Weight3,700 lbs
Max Takeoff Weight6,000 lbs
Cabin Dimensions10’9″ x 5’1″ x 4’1″
Cabin Volume223
Seat Count4-5
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